Benchmark Methamphetamine (“P”) Testing

Studio apartment or 1 bedroom unit from $189 with a detailed evidential report.


Special Discounted Meth Tests




Why Choose HHAST

You could do it yourself but ensure you disclose this to your insurance company.

If you are prepared to visit the property and can address faulty smoke alarms quickly, maybe you could but then if you buy a DIY “P” test kit and do a DIY test.

However, it is not independent and you might struggle to provide the signed off, photographic evidential trail with meta data that a professional can supply.

About Us

HHAST is a family operated New Zealand Limited company founded in Auckland to assist property owners and property managers to mitigate against risk and to make tenants safer in their homes.

By conducting smoke alarm compliance and “P” testing we can save property owners money by doing both at the same visit.

We are a collective of multi-cultural ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help change the world.