Asbestos & Mould Testing

HHAST Asbestos surveys are cost effective and thorough.

General property Asbestos Surveys are not Renovation or demolition surveys. Any presumed Asbestos must be lab tested in the future if any deconstruction, renovation or demolition of that location is to be done.

Survey reports are detailed with an Asbestos register and long-term management plan of all presumed Asbestos and actual Asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos And Mould Testing

Pricing plans


Mould Evaluation​

Comprehensive On-Site Mould Analysis,
Testing & Laboratory Analysis
$ 389*
  • Advice in a detailed report on mould elimination​
  • Identifying the source of the issue
  • Explaining strategies to eliminate from the origin

Asbestos Testing

From Affordable Asbestos Testing to
Comprehensive Asbestos Survey​
$ 449*
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Additional samples analysed $119 per sample​
  • Asbestos surveys on domestic dwellings. Call for price

What's included in Asbestos & Mould Testing ?

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