Why is HHAST the best option in Meth testing companies

What are the basics insurance companies and The Tribunal expect as evidence to initiate landlord claims that could be successful?

Many HHAST clients have initiated insurance claims for Methamphetamine contaminated properties. The first question the insurance company asks is the level of contaminationand subsequently if it is a discrete sample taken using the NIOSH protocols or if it is a composite sample.

Composite analysis will not cut the mustard with insurance companies and they will not even initiate a claim unless there is a single sample that is over 1.5ppm.

Similarly, The Tribunal will not recognise a composite sample as adequate evidence that a property is contaminated above the MOH guidelines of 1.5ppm so it is important for landlords to understand the difference between testing regimes also pro’s & cons of each method.

Prior testing becomes extremely important when properties are deemed as Methamphetamine contaminated over MOH safe levels

Regular annual testing is highly recommended by insurance companies and at the very least, Methamphetamine testing should be conducted at the beginning and end of each tenancy to ascertain the timeline of contamination

Composite Analysis of Field Composited Samples

This involves multiple samples deposited into a single tube in the field to gain an overall result. The disclaimer for this type of testing is that the result only gives a total theoretical level of contamination. The theory is that the total amount might be in just one sample even though there could be up to ten samples tested in the composite that composite total theoretical amount could be in just one location.

Composite Analysis of Laboratory Composited Samples

Discrete testing and analysis is conducted under the NIOSH protocols with one sample per tube and a separate pair of gloves are used to collect each sample. Discrete samples can be laboratory composited by lab technicians in a laboratory environment.

Composite Analysis of Laboratory Composited Samples

Single samples in individual tubes can be analysed one sample at a time which is what amounts to solid evidence of contamination above the MOH guidelines in one sample location. This sample analysis regime is expensive in terms of laboratory fees however check with your insurance company as they may cover the cost if at least one discrete sample is above the MOH guideline of 1.5ppm

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