Our Commitment

At HHAST we want to roll the red carpet out for our customers and offer seamless services in reasonable time-frames so if we can’t do something in the time you want, we will be totally honest with you.

It is known that not all suppliers deal with these situations well and HHAST want to restore your confidence that it is possible to be able to rely on a supplier to be straight forward and always give you the facts.
HHAST also want to offer investment property owners a new option to save money, time and drama by getting multiple solutions from us with Smoke Alarms and “P” testing.  It just makes a whole lot of sense to do them at the same time saving time, effort and of course dollars.

  • If we ever stuff up – We will fix it!

  • If we break something – We will own up!

  • If there is a problem – We’ll find a solution, we will be the solution!

We have a HHAST Director supporting staff in the field alongside our team to ensure we provide the best possible outcomes for HHAST customers and tenants alike.
HHAST only employ the best possible match for out technician roles so you benefit from our prudent selections. HHAST even have a Health & Well-Being Policy to keep our staff happy, healthy and focused on serving our, all important customers and tenants.
Due to our rapid growth, we welcome referrals from landlords and property managers to join the HHAST family for our technician roles so if you know someone with an outgoing personality, some handy person knowledge and a clean car license, let us know, we’d love to talk to them.