Industry Experience

Col has worked in the smoke alarm industry for several years overseas and is now the proud owner of a NZ registered, incorporated company HHAST which stands for Home Health And Safety Testing

After many conversations with NZ property managers and landlords it became apparent that just about all the larger companies made some huge mistakes right from the start.  Many agents can attest that some jobs took 3 months to complete and longer for the reports and invoices.  Wouldn’t it be great if HHAST didn’t do that? There were cowboys trying to access tenant’s homes without notice. There was a myriad of issues that just didn’t need to happen.
Our experience tells us that if we are honest with our clients and tenants and offer a state of the art website with integrated web forms that magically turn into a very detailed PDF report that we send from the property with an evidential pathway, it stands to reason that our customers will love us.

We Have Seen The Rest So Change To The Best, HHAST