Who Are We ?

HHAST is a family operated New Zealand Limited company founded in Auckland to assist property owners and property managers to mitigate against risk and to make tenants safer in their homes.

By conducting smoke alarm compliance and “P” testing we can save property owners money by doing both at the same visit.  Smoke alarms must be deemed compliant at the start of all new tenancies so the timing is ideal.
HHAST has conducted countless hours of research and training to ensure our services are a cost effective solution to compliance and risk management and cover all bases for property owners.
We are a multicultural collective of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

HHAST are committed to seamless customer service and will go the extra mile for all our customers.
Our goal is to grow the business and export our services to other nations in 2018 bringing the profits back to NZ.
We can provide Mandarin or Cantonese speakers with a dedicated contact speaking their own language.
Our Managing Director actually works in the field with the team so very hands on and accessible to all clients.
HHAST technicians are an extra set of eyes on your property and will report any visible damage.