Tenancy Access Protocols for Maintenance


HHAST is committed to ensuring the safety of others around them including other contractors, whilst driving company vehicles, at real estate agencies, onsite at tenant’s homes and anywhere else whilst representing HHAST including anytime day or night in such a place as to be recognised as a HHAST employee or contractor. We recognise the positive impact that the values and benefits of enhanced health and safety bring to the organisation along with customers and tenants.

Health and safety is everyone’s business, and everyone is expected to share in our commitment to minimise risk to effectively reduce the incidence of workplace accidents, which may cause personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind.

HHAST Technicians and surveyors have been trained how to legally, unobtrusively and respectfully enter your home to conduct vital maintenance work for the safety of the occupants and compliance to NZ laws for your landlord. Tenants are not required to be home for our visit however can make a time arrangement if they wish to attend for our visit. Technicians are comprehensively trained on the do’s & don’ts whilst in tenant’s homes.

HHAST contact tenants by phone and sometimes by email or text to give adequate notice of our impending visit as per tenancy legislation and provide a contact number for tenants to call if they need to attend so they can make a time arrangement with us directly.

HHAST Technicians loudly knock and at the third time they will unlock the door and in a loud voice announce their presence. Technicians repeat this each time they need to open a door within the home. Tenant privacy is paramount so our technicians quickly and efficiently carry out the maintenance and exit the property leaving it in the same condition as it was found.

HHAST technicians will not enter a home if there are minors under aged 16 home alone.

HHAST has an obligation to our customers to report any visible damage or obvious drug use within the home.

HHAST technicians and management take no responsibility for unrestrained pets that may exit the property upon our ingress to the property.

All HHAST Technicians and Surveyors carry cleaning equipment and will clean-up if there is any mess made by them whilst in your home. We have a great deal of respect for tenants, their safety, property and privacy.

Important Information Regarding Asbestos Survey Visits

Asbestos Surveys are conducted over a 4-hour period in which time the tenant does not need to be present however if it is the tenant’s preference to be there HHAST will make appropriate time arrangements to suit. There will be some noise to consider with hammers sometimes used to extract samples for analysis. No power tools are used by Asbestos Surveyors. It may be necessary to open wardrobes and closets and move some tenant belongings to inspect building integrity, also some access hatches are located in these areas so please make these spaces accessible. Surveyors endeavour to leave the property precisely as they found it wherever possible.