Asbestos Survey

General Asbestos Surveys explained

*General Asbestos surveys are not renovation or demolition surveys Renovation, demolition and commercial building surveys are priced from on-site quotations only. Below pricing based on standard rooms and does not include properties with formal dining and/or lounges and extra rooms such as study or media rooms

HHAST general surveys are designed to locate, identify and manage Asbestos containing material in residential tenancies and usually around 30 – 50 pages long. In general Asbestos surveys, surveyors can “presume” an item is Asbestos without analysing samples. There are many Asbestos containing materials that the surveyor would have seen many times and on previous projects may have had these items analysed.

Any material presumed to contain Asbestos effectively becomes Asbestos unless it is analysed and proven not to be Asbestos. If any threat to human health is recognised by friable Asbestos whilst conducting the survey, sample would be acquired and analysed at extra cost to the landlord. Generally, HHAST Surveyors try to avoid taking samples to keep costs down for landlords and add some predictability to a fair pricing model.

Minimal disruption to tenants and maximum customer service The HHAST survey contains a full Asbestos register and management plan The survey is conducted by an internationally qualified Asbestos Surveyor

Special Offer

One Asbestos Sample taken from your site by a HHAST surveyor including analysis $299 + GST

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