Smoke Alarms

We only use high quality 10 Year Certified Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are suitable for detecting slow, smouldering and other fires which produce large particles of smoke, such as those produced by burning foam, rubber, cigarette smoke or other synthetic materials.

The Quell smoke alarm we use at HHAST never needs a battery change and has insect barriers built-in to minimise the chance of the unit failing.

Enrol your property to the HHAST annual smoke alarm program and we’ll provide UP TO 1 ALARM for compliance and visit the property when there is a new lease or faulty smoke alarm for free.

If your property is fully paid-up in our annual smoke alarm program $95+GST

Why use a specialised provider for smoke alarm compliance?

It makes a lot of sense that property managers don’t want to do it for you as it is not part of their job description so ACC & Work Safe may be affected also, it would be difficult for them to cart the tools of trade and safety equipment around with them such as ladders decibel meters volt meters drill and tool bag, often in high heels and skirt!

The other reasons why property managers shouldn’t do this job is that they are not trained extensively to conduct this type of testing and we wonder if any agents are disclosing this practice with ACC, Work Safe, professional indemnity and public liability insurers. I doubt any agent wants to be the first test case.

A professional does a professional job, there are no halves. Using professionals is an investment in having it done right and the right professionals like HHAST have the relevant insurances to cover their work, conduct and professionality
All properties are automatically re-enrolled and invoiced annually unless otherwise notified to ensure your property remains compliant year in and year out.