Methamphetamine (“Laboratory”) Testing

BENCHMARK  Zoned Methamphetamine Field Composite Overall average across separate zones of sample points

1  bedroom or Studio – 5 separate sample points composited to  1 Zone
2 – 3 bedroom – 10 separate sample points composited to  2 Zone
4 – 5 Bedroom – 15 separate sample points lab composited to  3 Zones
6 – 8 bedroom – 20 separate sample points lab composited to  4 Zones
Standard 2 – 3 – day turnaround on all tests
Same Day Sampling & 24-Hour Result are Available***
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             $295 +GST


Try our Precision 5 tube lab composite $225+GST = One average result from 5 tubes
The 5 tubes are reserved for additional testing within 4 weeks if required*
(If additional testing is required, a fee per individual tube test applies)
Mould Tests Now Available from $199+GST for the first sample at the property
then $99 per sample for additional samples from the same property

**Not sure about the total cost? Call Colin direct for a chat and a price 021 256 4526
***24-hour results are possible – conditions and extra fees apply

//////// RAPID RESPONSE TEAM \\\\\\\\

HHAST out of hours servicing from 7.00 am 9.00 pm weekdays and Saturday from 9.00 am – 3.00 pm Saturday Hotline

Col – 021 256 4526

Multi Swab “P” Testing with independent laboratory report from Liquid Chromatography scientific device from an independent laboratory licensed by IANZ NZS ISO/IEC 17025:2005


  • Step 1
    Annual Smoke Alarm Program – $86.09+GST
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    Step 2

    1 bedroom or Studio – 5 separate sample points composited to 1 Zone
    2 – 3-bedroom – 10 separate sample points composited to 2 Zone
    4 – 5 Bedroom – 15 separate sample points lab composited to 3 Zones
    6 – 8 bedroom – 20 separate sample points lab composited to 4 Zones
                 $295 +GST


    Step 3
    Laboratory Composite Methamphetamine Lab tests starting from 5 sample locations and up. – $399+GST

    Please contact us for a customised quotation suited to your situation and tailored to minimize costs

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Why Test For “P”- Mitigate Cost, Contamination & Health Risks

“P” contaminated homes are unsaleable & unlettable.
If you have the all-clear with an independent lab test, you can test each time there is a new tenancy and very quickly deal with tenants and insurance companies with confidence.

It could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You need to know! The longer it is contaminated, the higher the remediation and human health cost.
Do it with HHAST