Why Test For “P”

To Mitigate Cost, Contamination & Health Risks and Property Value

“P” contaminated homes are unsaleable & unlettable.

If you have the all-clear with an independent lab test, you can test each time there is a new tenancy and very quickly deal with tenants and insurance companies with confidence.

It could save you from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Ask yourself this – If your tenant has a meth test and it is over the MOH standards, what would happen?
Would the tenant report it to the Tribunal and seek a rent refund, maybe medical and associated health costs?

What about if they must destroy all their belongings because they are contaminated. Would they claim compensation from the landlord?

Once the Meth secret is out about the property, would it be listed on the council’s register?

Would it be rentable?

Answer – Absolutely Not

How about remediation, how much will it cost?

Answer – A lot, a bloody hell of a lot!

Will your insurance company cover you for all this?

Read the IAG Booklet and get an idea of how insurance companies view Meth contamination. You can secure insurance but there are conditions and it starts with finding a benchmark to work from. HHAST advise reading your product disclosure statement and all the fine print thoroughly

Precision 10 Tube Composite Meth Test $299 + GST


Studio – 1 Bedroom only $199 + GST
Group of 5 single tube samples with Composite analysis result
2 – 3 Bedroom Permanent reduction from $299 to $299
Groups of 10 single with an overall Composite analysis result

  • 15 Tube $399 + GST          4 Bedroom
  • 20 Tube $398 + GST          5 – 6 Bedroom
  • 25 Tube $497 + GST          7 – 8 Bedrooms
  • Single Tube Analysis $79 + GST Each

Precision Composites made up of singular discrete tubes and able to be analysed individually

*10 samples are suitable for up to a 3-bedroom property with standard room configuration – extra rooms e.g. Study, Sleep-
out, Formal Lounge or Dining may require more than 10 samples. Extra rooms may require an additional 5 samples.

Precision Individual Tube Analysis Meth Test


  • Individual sample analysis with individual sample location result
  • $65 per sample + GST