HHAST Vehicular Meth Tests

    Buying a car, boat or caravan?

    Has anyone been smoking Meth in it?

    It could make your whole family very sick, even the animals!

    Vehicle Contamination is more common than you think!

    Weekend Vehicle Meth Testing $69+GST

    Mobile Onsite Rapid Response Testing

    With the car yards permission, we can test a car for Methamphetamine Contamination
    before you buy it and get an immediate Yes/No answer for you on the spot with our HHAST Mistral D4D drug screening kit

    Or we can conduct precise lab sampling for $179+GST (2 – 3 days result)

    We can also pick up traces of Cannabis, Heroin, PCP, Cocaine and other drugs if you want to test the car you share with the kids

    Maybe you just don’t want to buy a car that has been owned by a prolific drug user and may be on a police target list


    021 256 4526 Or

    09 415 4026
    And we’ll be on our way RIGHT NOW!

    Looking at 3 different cars, test them all with HHAST

    3 cars for $195+GST deal