FAQ’s Smoke Alarm Annual Program

Property managers don’t usually have the right tools or expertise for the job and smoke alarm testing is not usually in their job description which may have a negative effect on any ACC public liability and professional indemnity insurance claims.
At least once every 12 months or as per the smoke alarm manufacturers specifications also at the start of each tenancy as NZ law demands properties are compliant at the start of every new tenancy.

Just $95 + GST.   This includes high quality 10-year certified photoelectric smoke alarm and unlimited visits for new tenancies or faulty alarms. This excludes casual, holiday and boarding house letting.

Not in all cases as NZ law states that existing alarms can be serviced and complied up to their expiry date when they must be replaced with 10-year certified photoelectric smoke alarms.
Yes, they can.   Landlords choosing to do this should keep impeccable records and have a full understanding of all complexities of NZ smoke alarm legislation and advise their investment property insurer in writing that they are conducting this compliance work.
Prudent risk management practice as HHAST has all relevant insurance policies covering work performed and offers a rapid response to faulty smoke alarms along with unlimited visits annually for compliance.   This means we have your property well and truly covered even for those unexpected situations where a fault occurs or a tenant leaves early and a compliance service is required prior to a new tenancy.

HHAST will contact the tenant by phone with an entry notification.   If you are an agent and have multiple properties, we advise that you explain to tenants in your newsletter or at the start of the tenancy that for the safety of their home and family, they don’t have to be home for the visit and HHAST will be in touch by email from time to time to notify them of any impending visit. HHAST does not post entry notifications in NZ.

HHAST need to be able to access the property which is done as per property management protocols and within NZ tenancy laws.   To keep cost of our services at minimum, HHAST requires quick access to conduct lightning fast service to all our customers so keys for property access is essential to providing the highest level of service to your tenant.

Call or email us now, do it with HHAST, we get the job done fast, independently and thoroughly.