FAQ’s “P” Testing

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive, powerful stimulant. It produces wakefulness, hyperactivity and a euphoric effect. Methamphetamine is also known as speed, pure, P, burn, goey, crank, meth, crystal, ice and yaba. (http://www.police.govt.nz/advice/drugs-and-alcohol/methamphetamine-and-law#anchor6)
Property managers and landlords have a vested interest in the property and lack the expertise for Meth testing.   Any test results may be easily challenged based on the agency or landlord not being an independent testing company as it may be perceived they might represent their own interests over and above the tenant’s interests.
At least once every 12 months also at the start of each tenancy as once the property is declared as Complaint, only regular testing can recognise if a fresh contamination has occurred.   The timing is perfect for “P” testing when smoke alarm visits are due.
Prudent risk management practice as HHAST has all relevant insurance policies covering work performed and works to strict protocols when “P” testing.   HHAST can be your independent opinion removing you from the vested interest position.  
HHAST will contact the tenant by phone with an entry notification.   If you are an agent and have multiple properties, we advise that you explain to tenants in your newsletter or at the start of the tenancy that for the safety of their home and family, they don’t have to be home for the visit and HHAST will be in touch by email from time to time to notify them of any impending visit.   HHAST does not post entry notifications in NZ.
HHAST need to be able to access the property which is done as per property management protocols and within NZ tenancy laws.   To keep cost of our services at minimum, HHAST requires quick access to conduct lightning fast service to all our customers so keys for property access is essential to providing the highest levels of service to your tenant.
HHAST technicians arrive at the property and using property management entry protocols will attend the property, HHAST technicians will swab several rooms and surfaces in the property that may harbour contamination.   The test will be photographed and added to the detailed evidential report and sent from the property.
The day before HHAST attend a property, a key request list will be sent to the property manager or landlord around lunchtime to give the property manager time to gather keys for the technician to collect the next day.   At the completion of the service the Admin Manager will send the photographic and written report signalling the job has been completed.
Yes, every time.   HHAST technicians are trained to treat all homes they attend with the utmost respect, care and attention to detail. They Carry Hitachi Cordless Vaccum Cleaners.
Landlords can book and pay on our website and property managers will have HHAST payment terms and conditions sent to them.

This document is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. HHAST strongly recommends landlords seek independent legal advice prior to conducting any “P” testing on their property.