Are Your Smoke Alarms Compliant with NZ Tenancy Laws?

Too many New Zealand residential rental landlords don’t have compliant smoke alarms. And we think this is quite sad.

After all, one non-compliant smoke alarm is one too many. And landlords could receive a fine up to $4,000 by doing this.

Now, if you use a smoke alarm testing service like ours at HHAST, of course your smoke alarms will be compliant. But many landlords don’t choose to us smoke alarm testing services. And your landlord might be one of them.

You may be thinking the following:

“It’s SUPER EASY to test a smoke alarm! Don’t you just press the smoke alarm button to see if it works?”

Except it’s not like that. Let us explain.

There are a host of requirements that you need to comply with for your smoke alarms to be compliant with New Zealand tenancy laws. And sometimes, rental property owners don’t know them.

In fact, let’s do a test right now. Ask yourself: according to NZ tenancy laws, do you know:

  • How close a smoke alarm must be to each bedroom door in the property?
  • How loud a smoke alarm must be to be tenancy compliant?
  • The minimum number of smoke alarms required on each floor?
  • What types of smoke alarms are allowed?
  • How to tell if your smoke alarm meets the appropriate standards?
  • How to find the expiry date on your smoke alarm?
  • What “dead air space” is, and why your smoke alarm shouldn’t be in dead air space?

Potentially, the answer is “No” or “I’m not sure”.

But here’s the thing.

This isn’t an all-exhaustive list of things you need to know. So there may be more things you don’t know about smoke alarm compliance.

If your smoke alarms aren’t compliant with NZ tenancy laws, your landlord could be facing an up to $4,000 fine if your home is non-compliant.

Because it means that if your property gets audited by MBIE, or if there are complaints about the smoke alarms, then you could potentially have a huge problem. And an even bigger problem if there is a fire.

Worse, the landlord could receive an up to $4,000 fine if they don’t have compliant smoke alarms.

So that’s why you should get HHAST to check your smoke alarms.

HHAST gives you peace of mind so that you know your smoke alarms are compliant.

When calling us to check your smoke alarms, HHAST responds promptly to your communications with us. No need to worry about unreliable tradies. Just contact HHAST.

Once we are given the appropriate details we do the job promptly. This gives you the ability to forget about your smoke alarms. So you can focus on lots of more enjoyable things in life.

And when we’re finished, we don’t stop there. We even give a personalized report with pictures showing you everything (and more) that you need to know about your smoke alarms in your home. It’s part of what we call “seamless service”.

If you’d like to get your rental smoke alarms tested, get in contact with us. We’d be happy to hear from you.

Phone: 021 256 4526

Forget your problems. Forget the stress. Let HHAST test.