Already Have a Supplier?

Already Have a Supplier?

How we manage taking over properties that are with are currently in other company’s annual smoke alarm programs.

It is simple and FREE to change and there is no double-up on fees. If your property is already enrolled in an annual smoke alarm program, you can change to HHAST and we will conduct any visits required for compliance free of charge till the anniversary of the original program when your property will be automatically invoiced and enrolled in the HHAST program. 

In the meantime, HHAST will visit and provide compliance reports at the commencement of new leases or for faulty smoke alarms. During the free service period, we do not offer free smoke alarms. The HHAST take-over plan is offered in good faith with the premise that the property will roll-over to HHAST Annual Smoke Alarm Program at the end of the current non-HHAST program. 

HHAST provide the change of supplier free servicing offer in good faith and free visits are treated with the same urgency as paid jobs.

If you want to change to HHAST, just send the property address and the datethe current annual service program began and we’ll enrol the property in the HHAST annual smoke alarm program as a take-over and you will get zero-dollar invoices until the anniversary of the current program. This can be done one property at a time or the whole portfolio in a spread sheet.

When you do it with HHAST, we are passionate about what we do so get the job done fast, independently and thoroughly. You will have direct access to thecompany owners to book jobs during our extended business hours of 7.00 am – 9.00 pm weekdays and 9.00 am – 3.00 pm Saturdays. Urgent jobs are no problem, our current fastest service on record was to arrive at an urgent Meth test job 20 minutes after the request was made.

Give us a try, I am certain you will be delighted with our service.