Bang For Buck

At HHAST we pride ourselves on offering the best possible value for money for customers.  It makes sense that if we are at your property already conducting a smoke alarm visit that we can also conduct “P” or Methamphetamine testing on the same visit which will lower our cost and hence we can offer deals for landlords to save money and receive reports lightning fast using our state of the art web forms.

The benefits of “Zone Testing” in HHAST testing regimes

To save landlords money, except for one bedroom and studio’s HHAST conduct initial
Benchmark Field Composite testing in lab composited zones. The benefits of zoning is that
we start with sample points that are the most likely to generate a positive and test those 5
sample points in the first zone.
Zoning enables us to divide the property so when a non -compliant result from the lab comes
in we can then test one zone and ascertain the level of contamination in both zones
separately. Testing of 1 zone is just $55 + GST.

Case Study

A good example of how zoning can save money is a recent test we conducted in Auckland
on a 2 -bedroom property.
The initial result was 2.25ppm which is 0.75 above the MOH guidelines. When we tested
zone A we found the contamination was spread throughout the property evenly and the
property could be declared as compliant as zone A & B both turned out to be under 1.5ppm.
The customer was charged just $264 + GST
Some of HHHAST’s competitors will lab composite 10 separate samples and when the lab
result comes at 2.25ppm would suggest individual testing of all samples.1
Based on one of our competitors pricing model the cost for the same eventual result would
be $814 + GST
Our client was thoroughly delighted and saved around $550
HHAST have studied the methodology of Methamphetamine testing and use the most cost-
effective and least stressful methods for landlords.

If your property is fully paid-up in our annual smoke alarm program $95 + GST
  • Up to 2 Quality 10-year certified photo electric smoke alarms for compliance when required
  • Unlimited visits to the property for compliance
  • HHAST makes access arrangements directly with the tenant by phone
  • Detailed evidential reports sent from the property
  • Invoicing within 24 hours

Annual smoke alarm program and associated benefits does not apply to holiday letting, boarding houses and backpacker accommodation.

HHAST does not necessarily install new alarms at the first visit. NZ law states existing compliant alarms can be serviced till they expire when HHAST will then replace them with new Quality alarms.